Sunday, May 07, 2006

Family, friends, sushi, & Edward Norton

This is my favorite kind of weekend--when you have nothing pressing to do, and you can just see all the people and do all the things that you've missed out on lately. Almost all my friends--including my husband--are graduating next weekend from UGA (I feel kind of strange to be staying a fifth year), and one of my friends' parents had a party for her yesterday, out in farm country where they live. It was like a fairy tale, sitting at white-clothed tables outside, warm spring day, a lake in the background, drinking champagne with close friends. We stayed late, then all gathered to watch 25th Hour until almost two in the morning. What a lovely time--I wish life could always be like that. But the sublime moments, when everything is right and fun and easy, are the little gems that I look forward to among everything else... The moments that make it all worth living in the end.

I went for a nice run this morning, though it was cut short by the rain. It was a gradual rain; I felt stray drops on my head when I first came outside, but the sky was black and I knew it would open up any time. And slowly it did, refreshing at first, but by the time I had run about two miles it was coming down so hard that I had to go home. But it was refreshing and energizing just the same, a habit I hope to continue this summer. Running has been hard for me lately because I've been so tired after schoolwork was done that I needed to nap or to veg. So I've enjoyed getting back into the rhythm. We went to church, and now it's off to farm country again, where Bob's family lives. Then sushi tonight with friends--again, my kind of day.

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