Monday, October 23, 2006

My progression

Early on this semester, I made a promise to myself. Live for the things that truly matter. Well, here I am to document my success and failure over the past eight weeks--my progression from an anxious perfectionist to... whatever you may call me now, I suppose.

I told myself I would walk to Earth Fare once a week. That I've held to very well. The walk from Bloomfield to Five Points has become a truly special time--a time for me, along with my husband, to enjoy the outdoors, the exercise, and the unique character of an Athens that I have not even opened my eyes to until now. It has been a time for us to talk about issues that are important to us--about veganism, about the environment--the things that naturally come to our mind on a grocery shopping excursion.

I promised I would spend more time with Abby and Jessica, not doing accounting but really cultivating friendship. We have done things together as the time has been afforded to us, and now I truly do feel like I can call them close friends, not merely friends by default.

I vowed to keep some kind of creative outlet in place in my life, so that the life of accounting and business would not swallow me up as it so often threatens to do. Well, I've been cooking and blogging, and blogging about cooking. And writing--always writing. And only recently, I have developed an interest in beading and jewelry-making. In fact, Abby and Jessica and I are planning a little trip to a beading store over in Watkinsville later this week. These sorts of things help me stay balanced and maintain a positive outlook, even when the thoughts of being an accountant gather in and suffocate my mind.

I intended to exercise more frequently. Well... I have not exercised so much per se, but I have come to enjoy Pilates as a calming and solitary pastime. Bob and I have picked up tennis again. And, with the environmental enlightenment that we have experienced in recent months, I have been walking as much as I can stand. Walking has always been truly enjoyable, but even more so of late, as I have used those times to reflect on God and nature and beauty... and breathing.

Where, exactly, is God in all of this? I'm afraid He is not in the place He should be. I still struggle to put Him at the top, even when I feel like I am living a life that more closely reflects godliness. And that is evident in my persistent impatience, my frequent snaps of anger and depression. But I have earnestly tried to keep God and His word foremost in my heart; I have sought to draw near to Him, knowing that He, in return, would draw near to me. There have been challenges to my faith, to my trust, to my love, and I have met some and cowered at some. But I have definitely felt a turning in my heart, and it has been toward better things.

And still better things to come...


Celeste said...

Hi Laura! I'm only a little over an hour from you, I'm in Tallulah Falls. My husband and I come to Athens regularly and go to the Mean Bean and Earth Fare. Yes, I have been to the Grit. Yummy food but I'm discovering many food triggers for my migraine, many of them soy based. 8-( So haven't been to the Grit lately.

Bryanna Clark Grogan is a friend of the family. We used to live in Canada.

Have you tried the vegan cookbooks by Sarah Kramer? FANTASTIC. They have them at Earth Fare. The latest one, La Dolce Vegan, is geared more to cooking for couples (2-4 servings). Her other books make large family amounts.

Do you know any other restaurants in Athens that are vegan friendly besides Clocked and the Bluebird?

We are actually considering the possibility of moving to Athens in the future. It is very rural where we are and after being here 6 years, we are starting to miss the diversity a larger town can offer. We were thinking about the area where you are near 5 Points, do you like that neighborhood? Any opinions or advice re: life in Athens would be appreciated!

Celeste said...

Yah, I have been to Bombay Cafe. Something in there triggered my migraine...don't know what. 8-( I love Indian food. Never heard of that other restaurant you mentioned, I will have to find it.

Mean Bean is right next to Earth Fare. You can get vegan chili, vegan taco salad, and any kind of vegan burrito. You order at the window and pick what you want in your meal. They even have tofu that is scary, it tastes like chikn. We love that place, it is uber casual.

Sarah Kramer's books are worth every penny.

I have most of Bryanna's books, too. Hers are more time consuming, but I turn to Bryanna's books when I've gone overboard with high fat foods and need to get back to basics.