Saturday, November 03, 2007

A novel idea

I have to say thank you to Allison for commenting here recently. I always enjoy meeting new commenters, so I clicked over to her blog to check it out. I'm glad I did; otherwise I might never have learned about National Novel Writing Month.

Maybe this is just the impetus I need. It really would do a world of good for me to have something to do in my spare time. And I've always wanted to write a novel--make no mistake. So I decided on a whim to take part in the challenge.

The rules? Starting November 1, and ending before midnight on November 30, participants have a month of time in which to write a novel of 50,000 words. Yes, the focus is primarily on the quantity rather than the quality of the work. But here's why I think it's a great thing: There are people like me out there who know they've always wanted to write a novel, and are just waiting for the right moment in their lives. The right inspiration, the perfect allotment of time, the right amount of knowledge or experience. Whatever. But with that kind of outlook on it, they will never write that novel--something will always stop them. Something will always get in the way. Throughout my life, possibly my greatest fear has been that I would not live my dream--I would not be a writer--because I would let "life" stand between me and the goal.

As I thought about all the thousands of people out there in the world who will be writing this month, doing what always sounded like such a vast undertaking, I realized that this was my chance to go for it--to really step out in the deep water, leaving the tide pools behind. Just write it, now, when I have nothing to lose. Will it be quality work? I don't know. Maybe it will be something I can continue to refine; I hope so. But that's not the point, right now. The point is, I'm writing a novel, just like so many other amateurs out there. And I'm going to finish it. And then next time, it will be easier to start writing a novel. I'll know I can do it, because I will have already done it before.

I'll keep you updated on the process. I'm having a great time with it so far--already it's coming along much better than I expected.

Anyone else out there doing this?


Allison said...

YAY! Happy NaNoWriMo-ing! :)
Thank you for the link!

Veg-a-Nut said...

Wow! I wish you the best with your novel. How exciting and what a challenge you have before you. I believe in you. I will keep you in my prayers that you will have all the inspiration to write what you want to say. :o)