Friday, October 17, 2008

Atlas Fallen

I watched you hoist the world above your head
and make them all retreat in holy dread.
Hero in a world fallen far from grace,
martyr for those who've been frozen in place
and handed to the whims of great unrest--
a savior's role you played, and played your best.
But 'neath such weight you were bound to crumble--
never too infallible to stumble.
And as the fateful wind sliced cleanly through
and whispered of the pains reserved for you
your body buckled 'neath a timeless dread;
as I looked on, the world crashed 'round your head.

1 comment:

Brandon said...

Your poem is way moving... My friend and I came up with the name 'Atlas Fallen' for our band and we Googled it and found your poem. It's pretty rad to the maximus!Is it ok with you if we name our band after your poem, since technically you came up with it first? Awesome poem!