Sunday, September 10, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

This weekend the movie An Inconvenient Truth was playing here on campus. I never did manage to see the movie when it was first released over the summer, but last night Bob and I went. This movie was more terrifying than I thought it would be, and sadly, I had no trouble believing every figure, every statistic, every prediction. Since seeing it, I have been wondering what I can do--what more I can do.

I have been truly contemplating the state of the world and its people, and wondering if there is yet any way to hope that nations will pull together in an unprecedented effort to change the statistics--particularly this nation. It makes me angry to see the opposition to the environmental movement that seems to be so prevalent. Growing the economy? We will grow our economy up until the day we kiss our planet goodbye. There has to be a better way. Jesus is coming back soon, so none of this even matters? We Christians cannot use that as a cop out. When I look at the church in America, I have to ask myself if we're ready for the second coming. And we're defacing the world climate so quickly that in my lifetime, terrible things could happen. No, I'm not willing to be complacent and put millions of lives around the globe on the line, for the mere thought that Jesus will return before anything terrible--and preventable--occurs.

So what do I do? Well, as a Christian, I pray. I pray without ceasing. I pray in faith that my God will rouse the empathy and the responsibility in His people's hearts that they may become warriors against the destruction of our climate, of our earthly home. As a citizen, I reduce my greenhouse gas emissions. I walk. I use less power. I recycle. I eat a vegan diet... I put thought into my choices every day. Do I really need that tomato in November? Can I live with it just a couple of degrees warmer in my apartment? And as a writer, I cry out daily. I cry out in the most eloquent way I know how. And I cry with a sense of urgency. And I hope that people will read, reflect, respond.

How does one person make a difference? It feels so hopeless sometimes--but if I gave up, that would only make the problem worse. So I will do what I can, and day by day I will learn what I can do. And as the future unfolds, day by day, I will see what kind of difference all the "one persons" out there can make.


Dori said...

Hi Laura,
Thia is the first time I have seen this blog... I tend more towards the food ones. :)

When Isaw the movie inconvienent truth I thought many of the same things you are thinking. I seriously consider what is my role as a Christian. If a Christians goal is to take as many to heaven when Jesus returns in as Christ like position as possible it seems ridiculous to say, "Oh, It doesn't matter what I consume or put in my body." If it were me as a non-Chistian and I was looking for answers to pain in my world, I would not be attracted to a Christian with that attitude.

We are also given dominion over the world and often give up our dominion over ourself as well as godly wisdom in our world. I agree with you ... pray. Good contemplative blog entry. Not a simple subject, I'm glad you ashared your self openly like this.

laura jesser said...

Dori, your comment encouraged me. Thanks! I agree--sometimes we can get caught up in "pushing Jesus" on people and forget to just be a living reflection of Jesus in our actions and our attitudes.