Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something wonderful

Over the past week or so, something marvelous has been happening here in Athens, Georgia. I've bee pulling out long-sleeved shirts, closed-toed shoes. We've turned off our air conditioner and opened the windows. Pumpkins and locally-grown apples have begun showing up in the grocery stores. And I feel more alive, in this new air.

My basil plant seems to share my feelings about the season. It lives on a small table beside a window in our bedroom, and all summer I was concerned about it because it was surviving, but did not seem to really be thriving. But when the window opened up, the basil took in a deep breath and stretched out through all its limbs (maybe it's been watching me do Pilates!) and started really putting on leaves. All it needed was fresh, crisp, almost electric air. That's what I've needed too...

Now I will be able to run in the mornings again without the pressure of 16 tons of humidity pressing into my chest. Now I will be able to walk to class and to the grocery store without my hairline dripping sweat when I arrive. Now we can go hiking! And I can make pumpkins! And I can take pictures of all the colors I see out my window!

I love the fall leaves. I love the goldenrod. I love the way my creativity starts to pour out when it is this lovely in the world. Journaling outside, taking long walks in the evenings--these are the things I love to do in the "-ember" months. Just wanted to share... I will share much, much more as the weeks unfold.

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Beata said...

Looks like I should take a cue from you and open up my windows! My little plant in my apartment keeps looking like it's going to die any minute... maybe some fresh air will help?