Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I had about ten minutes of down time this afternoon, so I took a brief but therapeutic walk through the Old Athens Cemetery. Being out in the sun, in the still and quiet afternoon air, almost made me wish I could lie down in the earth with the dead and sleep. Sleep forever... Never another worry, another deadline, another human being to please. Just my body, resting eternally in the womb of the earth, while my spirit soars away to face my Maker and to dwell in a place so much more wonderful than here...

I was suddenly struck with that feeling, this afternoon, a longing for stillness and for peace all around me. But alas. While in the world, I will scarcely ever find a moment of perfect stillness without. I have to seek it from within, embrace it and fully strive to live in it. The world gets me down, especially at times like these.

But after tomorrow, a brief lapse. I will return to the cemetery and look for what it has to show me, at a time when I can internalize the stillness to which it calls me, one of the quiet places remaining here on earth.

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