Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good news! And more

The accounting firm where I've been interning offered me a job last week! I'm very happy--this means I can go back to school, finish my master's, and know that there is something ready for me in Atlanta when I am finished. And I absolutely love this firm--what a fun group of people to work with every day.

That said, now let me make my official announcement: Bob and Laura Jesser are vegans. Of course, I still have one week left of my internship, and I think that will be a good week for me to practice eating vegan when I do not have the opportunity to cook for myself. It makes me nervous, but I have to believe it will end up being okay. Now that my beliefs and values are directing me toward a vegan lifestyle, I see no reason to pretend in front of everyone at work that this is not the case. I am averse to awkward situations, but my feelings about stewardship of the earth and of my own body are more important to me. I know it will be a good experience, even this week (maybe especially this week), and I'm looking forward to my new adventure!

I think a new adventure merits a new blog, don't you? When I created this blog, my main purpose was to talk about nature and writing and God, to share my writing, to talk about issues that have been on my mind, and so forth. I would like to preserve that original purpose for this blog. However, I would also like to chronicle my new adventures as a vegan, post recipes, talk about challenges I am facing. So click on my profile and check it out!

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kaivegan said...

This is awesome, Laura! Way to go!