Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why does the weekend dawdle?

I'm having quite a decent week, I would say. But I want Friday to be here more than anything...

Sunday, 23 July, is our first wedding anniversary! I now understand what grown-ups would always say when I was a kid, about how time whips by so much more quickly as you get older. I don't feel like it's been a year since that day. I remember everything I did, every person who was with me, every butterfly, every tear. How could I ever forget those moments?

Bob and I are going camping near Charleston, South Carolina, and we're as excited as little children on Christmas Eve. Bob wanted to go to the beach, I wanted to see Charleston, we both have wanted to go camping for quite awhile now... It is all going to happen. Soon.

But not soon enough. I miss him still, so much. Yes, I have gotten used to him being there while I'm here. But it doesn't make me not long for him to be here with me. Every week so far he's made it down here once or twice to visit in the middle of the week, but this week it's not happening. I can't blame him for being tired of making the hour-and-a-half drive, and getting up at 5:30 to make it to work. But we're so close to the end of the summer now, and I wish he could find himself able to do it just a few more times. It makes the week easier to know that, at least once, I'll be able to come home and have his arms around me. But like he tells me, a married couple should be able to spend time apart like this. And I can--I just don't want to, and I resist it as stubbornly as a child.

No matter. Tomorrow's Thursday. Day after that, we're together for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and have a beautiful time together. Just Bob and Laura.

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