Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy anniversary to us...

Yay! We went down to Charleston for our anniversary this past weekend, and we had the loveliest time. We saw a bit of the city, including the very beautiful harbor and the historic downtown area. We had a nice lunch on Saturday at "The second-best restaurant in South Carolina," which was a crab shack downtown. It really was delicious food...

Our campsite was adorable! We cooked some of our own food there, and it was nice and quiet. Hot in the tent, but we were in a very shady spot so it was bearable.

The beach was amazing--the waves were enormous on Saturday afternoon, I think mostly because it was a breezy day and the tide was coming in. But we body-surfed ourselves silly--and red. Poor Bob had quite a nasty sunburn on his shoulders, although we took the obvious sunscreen precaution, and were not really out all that long.

We went back to the beach later that night (after getting a quick coffee fix at Starbucks), and it was just beautiful. I tried to take some pictures, but it was too dark out to see anything. But the sky was half clouded and half clear. Some stars were twinkling down so brightly, dispersed between the intermittent clouds, and then there were patches of sky that looked completely black. As always, I was amazed by the ocean after dark, which sounded so enormous even though most of it was invisible, black and melting into the black sky. We walked up and down the beach for about an hour and a half on Saturday night, just enjoying the quiet, the coolness, the breeze, and the amazing display in the sky. Every few moments or so a distant lightning would strike behind the clouds, so that they were lit up in the foreground of the sky. When this happened and the clouds were outlined in the silver-gray lightning light, the night sky behind them looked blacker and the stars appeared far more distant. You could really see the layers of heaven shining out in those brief, dazzling moments. We left the beach around ten o'clock, at the time when the mandatory lights-out goes into effect for the benefit of the nesting sea turtles.

Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and shortly realized that I was awake for the day. So to amuse myself, I decided to walk around the campground and take pictures. As I approached the lake, I saw a large white blot out on the greenish water. As I crept closer, I realized that a white crane was standing out in the middle of the lake. He was keeping perfectly still. As quietly and gently as I could, I began inching closer, trying to see if I could get close enough to take a really good picture. In the end, the picture below was the closest I was able to get to him; he kept taking flight and moving across the lake. I spent nearly an hour stalking him that morning, but he was going about his business and had no mind to keep still for my amusement. So I crouched from a distance and just watched him for awhile. I watched him catch his breakfast from the middle of the lake, using his comic-looking neck thrust to dart his head swiftly down into the water. I watched him walk around the opposite bank for awhile, pacing among the trees as if he could not decide what to do with the rest of his Sunday morning. Finally, he crept off into the trees and I never saw him again. On my way back to my campsite, some wild turkeys crossed my path. I stopped for a minute to see if they would scramble away from me, but they seemed altogether undaunted by my presence. When I got back to the tent, I woke Bob up with the irresistible smell of peanut butter and banana oatmeal (which I didn't eat--I made myself some blueberry oatmeal earlier when I woke up). He ate, we packed up the tent, and headed back home.

It was so sad to leave. We had such a lovely time down there, and I wish we could have stayed an entire week. But I cannot be sad, because the time we did have was absolutely wonderful.

Sunday, July 23, was our actual anniversary. We cracked open a bottle of champagne when we got home and celebrated. Then we made ourselves a completely vegan pizza, complete with homemade yeast-risen whole wheat dough. Bob is a pro at handling pizza dough, being the pizza man for seven hours a day at the dining hall. He crimped the edges of the crust and the pizza just looked so delicious! It tasted great too. It's so good to know that when we become vegan we can still enjoy pizza--it had so many delightful veggies on it that I did not miss the cheese in the least.

After pizza and bubbly, we walked to Vision Video (the best rental store ever, at $1.61 for a five-day rental) and rented Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both of us grew up on the old Gene Wilder movie and have been reluctant to see the new Johnny Depp take on our beloved Willy Wonka. But I'll give any Johnny Depp movie a chance. It actually turned out to be a very good movie--not freaky and dark like I had anticipated. Now it's hard for me to say whether I like the original movie or the new, completely different film better. Both have some very strong points, and both have very unique styles that almost cannot be compared.

So that was our first anniversary. I guess we're not newlyweds anymore, though after several months you could hardly be connsidered newlyweds anyway. Our first year has been the most wonderful time of my life--I can't wait for the rest of eternity! Posted by Picasa

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Beata said...

Wonderful pictures! The crane just looked so cool. I'm glad you guys had a good time.